Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tunestorm #6

We ended up with 9 fantastic entries for Tunestorm #5 and I want to come back and hit it hard with another one. I might keep the Tunestorms at one a month if people don't revolt or attempt to rise up and kill me. I want to stress that Tunestorm is a great way of fine tuning your work flow and allowing you to be more productive. Don't feel like you need to write the next hit for every Tunestorm, just take the idea write a concept and the most important is to finish your work and get it turned in.

The theme of Tunestorm #6 is "FREEDOM". Write a tune that represents freedom to you. Could be "free as in freedom", could be "free as in beer", could be anything.

Deadline for this Tunestorm is September 3rd.


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