Friday, July 1, 2011

Tunestorm #5

So, it's been a bit since we've done a Tunestorm and I'm jonesing to see some of you people's creativity. This Tunestorm is as simple as simple is simple. The one rule for this Tunestorm is...

Record a 15 second tune.

Dead line for this Tunestorm is August 1st. As always, please don't tell anyone what you are working on and send a detailed email of your process along with your track or a link to it to contributions at All submissions must be released under a Creative Commons BYSA 2.0 or higher compatible license.

After the submission deadline keep a look out at for the reveal show. We will record the show live and the time and date will be on our calendar at

Happy Tunestorming!


For more information on this Tunestorm, previous Tunestorm and what Tunestorm is. Go here...

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