Friday, January 21, 2011

Plug It In Plug It In

It's been an exciting time for Linux audio recently as we have had a fantastic sweep of new plug-ins come out for your mixing and synthing pleasure.

First up we have a fantastic new plug-in providing a nice front-end to zita-convolver called IR

If you have never tried convolution then you don't know what you are missing. IR files can apply equalization and reverb to any track or bus in real time. The IR file stands for impulse response and is a short recording of nearly anything you like, from a special microphone to a guitar cab and from a small club to a large cathedral. There are lot's of free and donationware IR's out there and this gives us an easy way to enjoy this state of the art technology. It is available as an LV2 plug-in only.

IR Website

Next up is a payed application in LV2 and native VST format by LinuxDSP called the MKII GRAPH-EQ.

It's a graphical equalizer that features smoothly interpolated filters, realtime graphical eq graph, variable filter types, a de-cramped bandpass filter and a universal gui. If you are in need a beautiful looking and great sounding eq plugin then this might be the perfect one for you.


Lastly, we have an emulator of the famous dive down combo organ made by Yamaha in the late 60's called the YC-20. The plug-in carries the name Foo-YC-20.

The plug-in faithfully reproduces all of it's features and flaws and is available across all three platforms in VSTi, LV2 and stand alone Jack variants.

Foo-YC-20 Website

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