Thursday, April 14, 2011

Donate and win a professionally mixed music track.

The OSMP community has a friend who has been around since the beginning but who has been hard hit by the economy. He's a professional mixing engineer with 14+ years of experience working in studios. He's been unemployed for a while now and it's getting harder and harder for him to make his bills. He's mentioned many times that whenever he can get his hands on a new computer he would like to start a small business mixing using a Linux machine and Ardour. But things haven't turned around. So, some of the members of the OSM community decided to try to put together some money to get him a computer and help him get started mixing again. He has said he didn't want direct donations as he would have to put it towards other bills and he wouldn't ever get the computer.

So, here is the plan. You head over to and click the Paypal Donate button and send me some cash. For every $10 US you donate you will get entered into a drawing to have a music track of yours professionally mixed using Ardour and Linux. When we have enough donations I will buy the components to build him a capable mixing machine, configure it so it's all ready to go and send it to him. You send him your track, stems or Ardour sessions welcome, and he will send you the final mix in a complete Ardour session ready to be mastered.

So, that's it! It's win/win for everyone. He gets a start at mixing again, some luck guy gets a track mixed and everyone will have a Linux friendly mixing engineer when they need him.

Thanks in advace for your support.

PS. Here is an example of his mixing.

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